• The Trojan Trading Post
    Please visit our store site at
    The Hershey High School Store
    Located in the Cafeteria
    Serving our Trojan Army since 2009!
    Hours of Operation:
    ALL LUNCHES on School Days
       Special School Events 
    Operated by the students in Accounting 3
    100% of the profit from the Trojan Trading Post goes toward the

    Trojan Trading Post Scholarship Fund, which is given to a senior student pursuing business at the college level.  

    Over $13,000 has been awarded in scholarships to date.


    Past Scholarship Winners:

    2009 – Alexandra Croxall

    2010 – Stacia Betley and Katelyn Hilgers

    2011 – Sarah Drobnock

    2012 – Anna Palutis

    2013 – Jennifer Bennett

    2014 – Rishi Ramaraju and Josie Corbaccio

    2015 - Carly Bowser, Michael Corado, Kobi Eberly, Adam Firestone

    2016 - Delaney Price 

    2017 - David Lilla and Elizabeth McCurdy

    2018 - Patrick Blackall

    2019 - Charles Fackler and Kaylee Thomas

    2020 - Clare Canavan, Leah Koppenhaver, and Jason Zaprazny