• High School 

    Hershey High School provides a standards-aligned approach to mathematics that emphasizes higher-order thinking and exposure to authentic, real-world content. Throughout the program, students are given opportunities to investigate, hypothesize and discover mathematical phenomena. Though most students complete four years of mathematics at the high school level, students must complete a minimum of three courses. Our core mathematics courses lead to Advanced Placement Courses in Calculus and then to Advanced Calculus. Our elective courses include Statistics and Advanced Placement Statistics as well as a trio of programming courses including Advanced Placement Computer Science.

    Middle School

    Our school district mission statement asks that we have an education system that engages all students every day to help them achieve their greatest potential as global citizens. This is the goal of the Derry Township and Hershey Middle School mathematics programs. Our program was designed around two central themes: to provide a curriculum centered around Pennsylvania Common Core standards as well as allowing students to maximize individual potential.
    The curriculum used is based on the College Preparatory Math program also known as CPM. Students begin in sixth grade taking one of two courses: either CC1 or an accelerated course, called CC1.5, that covers one and a half years of curriculum in a one-year setting. Several metrics are used to determine the placement of students in seventh grade. Students are enrolled either in CC2, CC2.5, or CC Algebra. Based upon satisfactory completion of courses in seventh grade, students may be enrolled in CC3, CC Algebra or CC Geometry in the eighth grade.
    All three years of courses focus on developmentally appropriate progressions through statistics, probability, algebraic concepts, geometry, measurement and numeric operations. This is done in a setting where problem-solving and logical thinking is central to instruction.
    The focus of all middle school courses is in line with what Pennsylvania Common Core states: that is to have "middle school standards call on students to practice applying mathematical ways of thinking to real-world issues and challenges. They prepare students to think and reason mathematically."
    Students in all three grade levels take part in PSSA and students enrolled in algebra in the middle school also take the Keystone exam for algebra which is required for graduation.
  • Elementary Mathematics Curriculum Overview 

    Derry Township School District’s elementary mathematics curriculum is designed to engage all learners in a rigorous, focused and coherent program that develops mathematical thinking, conceptual understanding, problem-solving, reasoning, fluency, and communication. The curriculum is aligned to the Pennsylvania Core Standards for Mathematics and includes mastery of both content and practice standards.  A deep understanding of mathematical concepts is built through a progression of concrete, representational and abstract learning experiences that help students become effective, efficient, and flexible problem solvers who can represent and communicate their thinking well