• Students in the Derry Township School District have many opportunities to learn to create, perform, and appreciate music as an integral part of their education. Our curriculum is closely tied to the National Standards for Music Education and the Pennsylvania standards for the Arts and Humanities.

    The Derry Township School District is proud of its music programs, having been named one of the “Best Communities for Music Education” several times. Many students and ensembles have been recognized at the State and Regional level, and our highly-qualified staff regularly guest conducts and presents clinics at local and regional honors ensembles and conferences.

    In our elementary schools, students receive comprehensive classroom music education in grades one through five. Students learn to sing, perform, compose, create, movement, folk dance, and experience music through a variety of classroom activities. Additionally, students in grades four and five have the opportunity to participate in our instrumental music program (both band and orchestra) and students in grade five may participate in choir.

    Our middle school continues classroom music instruction in grades six, seven, and eight. These classes introduce instrumental performance opportunities through the use of keyboards and guitars, and work to ensure that students are familiar with the ways that music is and can be a joyful and important part of their lives, promoting lifelong learning in the art form. The middle school has active band, choir, and orchestra programs.

    Hershey High School offers a variety of leveled ensembles for vocalists, as well as wind, percussion, and string players. Advanced Placement Music Theory is also offered at the high school level.