Physical Education/Health

  • The Derry Township School District Health and Physical Education Department is committed to prepare students to live healthy, productive and physically active lives for the 21st Century.

    The primary goal of physical education in grades 1-5 is to develop students' fundamental movement skills within a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. The program enhances students' personal fitness and provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in a variety of physical activities. Personal and social responsibility, self-directed learning, and problem solving skills are reinforced throughout the 1-5 physical education curriculum.

    The middle school physical education program strives to develop students' personal fitness and skill-related abilities. The program reinforces students' understanding and application of fitness concepts and motor skills through a variety of movement forms. The program aims to develop students' personal and social responsibility, self-management skills, and ability to make informed choices. The overall goal of this program is to enhance students' disposition toward leading a physically active lifestyle.

    Pursuit of personal fitness and understanding the benefits of leading a physically active lifestyle is at the core of the high school physical education curriculum. Thus, designing, implementing and assessing personal fitness is the primary goal for the individual student. Refining a variety of movement skills that contribute toward lifelong activity is an essential component of the program.

    Health Education is a primary focus of the Derry Township School District.  The purpose of this curriculum is to provide pertinent information that allows the students to make prudent decisions based on factual data.  Students are taught to make positive and healthy life choices through the study of basic psychology, body systems, drug and alcohol awareness, and basic first aid.

    The above curricula, Health, Physical Education, is reflective of the Pennsylvania State Standards and is continuously reviewed and revised.