World Cultures One

  • Course Description
    Welcome to World Cultures One!  Here is some useful information about this course.  World civilizations, culture and history will be covered, with a focus on the Middle East (Southwest Asia) and Asian cultures.  This course encourages students to examine the components of culture including religion, geography, history and beliefs.  The Eastern cultural emphasis of the course will enable students to better understand the complexities of the region in today's world.  (WCI - DTSD online curriculum overview)
    Basic Text:  World Cultures - A Global Mosaic (Prentice Hall, 2004)
    Here is some idea of the units to be covered this school year in this course:
    a.  Development and Origin of Culture
    b.  Intercultural Relations of the Eastern Hemisphere
    c.  Interdependence of the Contemporary World
    d.  Perceptions/Perspectives of Contemporary Cultures
    e.  Social and Cultural Changes are Continuous
    f.  Social Systems and Divisions of the Eastern Hemisphere
    g.  The Geography of the Eastern Hemisphere
    To make the most of this course (that is, to learn the most), you will be expected to actively participate.  Raising your hand in class discussions, completing your assignments, doing research (for the 10th grade research paper in the spring - more info later!!!), and being aware of current events, trends, and news will enable you to truly appreciate the various cultures around you.
    Here is some information about my grading procedure:
    1.  Homework assignments are given often to reinforce the day's lesson.  All homework will be graded on completion (not accuracy) and must be done by the student himself/herself.  Homework is 25% of your grade.
    Emphasis is placed on making homework meaningful and not time consuming.  Homework is not given simply to be given.  It mirrors the lesson learned that day and allows the student to reflect on the information.  Completing assignments will allow students more success on assessments in class.
    2.  Quizzes will be given periodically to assess the student's understanding of a particular concept.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.  Tests will be given at the end of each chapter or unit.  Tests will always be announced in advance.  Tests and quizzes are 50% of your grade.
    3.  The remaining 25% of your grade is classroom participation and it is outlined above.  A student who is actively engaged in his/her own learning, one who is an active learner (who asks questions and who adds to class discussions) will learn more and will get more out of this course.
    To contact me:  Miriam K. Collins - Hershey High School - Room 106 or 717.531.2244 x 1106
    Here's to an exciting and successful school year!