• Dresden
    German Four Course Description
    Types of Activities in this class:
    * class discussion
    *  homework assignments
    *  in class work / group work
    *  quizzes
    *  tests
    *  skits
    *  presentations
    The goals of German Four are to refine the student's usage of the German language and to introduce the student to the geography, history, and literary and artistic movements of Germany.  The student will study political and topographic maps of Germany as well as to garner information about the sixteen German states and their capital cities.  The study of history of Germany from 1862 to 1945 will illustrate the need to understand the geography of Germany and how the two fields are linked.  An introduction to modern literature and some of the classic poems of Goethe, Heine and Eichendorff will also be enjoyed.  Students will be expected to respond orally and in written fashion to all of the above-mentioned topics.  An emphasis will be placed on speaking the target language in the classroom.
    The students will be using a series of handouts for their grammar, history, and geography studies.  It is imperative at this time that the student possess a German/English dictionary.  Im Wandel der Jahre will be used for certain aspects of culture and history and the other text, Kaleidoskop, will be the other text which will cover grammar, history, literature, and culture.  Students will be expected to maintain an organized notebook (a three-ring binder).
    Hershey High School rules and regulations (found in the student agenda booklet) are to be followed in class along with the following rules expressly for German students:
    a.  All homework is to be completed by the student on his/her own.  This is a practice exercise designed to reinforce the day's lesson.  All homework will be graded on COMPLETION
    b.  Quizzes will be given periodically to assess the student's understanding of a particular concept.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.  Tests will be given at the end of each chapter or after each section or topic.  Tests will always be announced.
    c.  All work missed as a result of an absence must be made up by the student.  The student will have a week after the absence to complete the missed work.  The exception is homework, which must be completed the next day that the student returns to school.  Failure to make up missed work will result in a zero percentage grade. 
                      Viel Glueck dieses Jahr und mach Spass in der Deutschklasse!