• ACCOUNTING I:  Marking period grades are the combined average of 3 areas:  test scores plus extra credit work (70%), homework checks (20%), and workbook completion checks (10%).  (Marking period average = average of test scores X 70% + average of homework checks X 20% + average of workbook checks X 10%.)
    ACCOUNTING II:  Marking period grades are the combined average of 3 areas:  test scores plus extra credit work (60%), homework checks (20%), and computer (Excel/Automated Accounting) assignments (20%).  (Marking period average = average of test scores X 60% + average of homework checks X 20% + average of computer assignments X 20%.) 


    Tests - All tests will be announced at least a day ahead of time.  Calculators may be used at all times; however, they MAY NOT BE SHARED during tests.


    Makeup tests must be completed within one week of the original test date.  Only those students who have an excused absence may make up a test that was missed.  It is the responsibility of the student to make up the test.


    Extra Credit - is available for each chapter in this course.  Each extra credit point EARNED will be added to that chapter's test score. (Refer to the back of this sheet for a list of points available per chapter)  To receive full credit, the work must be 100% complete.  The vocabulary words must be NUMBERED to assure that all words have been listed.  The answers to the questions must be LEGIBLE and MAKE SENSE. This extra credit is to be completed INDIVIDUALLY, NOT AS A TEAM EFFORT.  If your answers are the same as another student’s, we will decide which student did the work and earned the credit.  If we cannot decide who did the work, then neither student will receive the extra credit. EARN YOUR CREDIT.


    Homework - must be completed UPON ENTERING the classroom and will be checked periodically.  Homework will be recorded as a percent complete.  (100% means 100% complete in ALL instructions.)  A O% will be recorded if homework is checked and you DO NOT HAVE IT TO SHOW ATTHAT TIME.  To get credit for homework, it must be LEGIBLE and MAKE SENSE.  Collected homework will be given a percentage grade for the number of answers correct.  (Some larger assignments will be worth 2 or 3 homework grades.)


    Workbook Checks - Workbooks will be collected and checked periodically.  Grades will be based on the percentage of work completed for each chapter.


    It is your responsibility to complete ALL class work and homework EVEN WHEN ABSENT FROM CLASS.


    STUDENTS MUST BE IN THE ROOM AT THE TIME THE BELL RINGS.  Once the bell has finished ringing, you are considered late.  Being late 1 time will result in a teacher warning, 2 times will result in a morning teacher detention, and 3 times will result in an administrative detention.  This is a working environment, what happens when you are late to your job?


    COME TO CLASS PREPARED EVERYDAY!!  This means your text book, workbook, folder/binder, and a pencil/pen.  Failure to do so 3 times in the first marking period and 2 times in the following marking periods will result in a morning teacher detention.  If you cannot make a teacher detention in the morning, a regular afternoon detention will be assigned.  Calculators will be required later on in the year when the math gets more difficult. 


    Computers – Students should not be on the computer until class has concluded and all assigned work is completed.  NO GAMES.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 


    Cell Phones – Cell Phones are NOT allowed in the classroom.  Consult you student handbook for further detail.


    No Food or Drink is permitted in the classroom.


    Do not line up at the door before the bell rings.  Remain seated until the dismissal bell.