• Accessing Student Directory from Home

    1.         Open your web browser (ex. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox).

    2.         Enter the following web address in the Address Bar:




                (this will only work from a location outside the district network)


    3.         Click “yes” when the security dialogue box pops up.


    4.       Log in using your normal Derry Township network username and password. If an information bar informs you that you need to install an Active X control to proceed, go ahead and install it.

    5.        Click on "DTSDSTUDENT", then "HSSTUDENT".  Find your username and your files are located there.


    How to open a document in your home directory:


    Expand your student home directory folders (if necessary) and select the file you want to open.  Double click on the file and then elect “Open.”  The document will open and you can begin making edits.



    How to modify a document in your home directory:


    Once the document is open, make any necessary modifications or additions.  When you are finished working with the document, save the file locally to your home computer.  Next, select “Upload Files” and browse to your saved file on your home computer.  Once you have located the modified file, click “Upload.”  Your modified file will be uploaded to your district network drive.