Hershey HS Symphony Orchestra

    Grading Policy



                      As a member of the Orchestra, the musician is expected to:  (1) attend all regularly scheduled rehearsals and/or lessons during the school day, (2) practice and prepare the ensemble literature for performance, and (3) participate in all scheduled performances of the High School Symphony.


                      A percentage grade is used for all four marking periods.  Grades are issued using the following criteria:


    1.              Daily Rehearsal/Lab/ Concert Performance Grade                                                (40%)

    -The success of each daily rehearsal is dependent on the preparation, cooperation and behavior of all members

    -Not having your instrument or music will detract from your grade.

    -Consistent failure to prepare, lack of attentiveness or misbehaviors will seriously affect this portion of your grade.

    -Missing a concert will result in the lowering of a student’s grade by one letter.


    2.              Performance Assessment (30% repertoire, 10% skill)                              (40%)

    - at least once a marking period, students will be assessed on their progress either on material covered in lessons or their orchestral music.

    -students will be issued grades based on their preparation, improvement, and individual musical concepts such as tone, intonation, articulation, musicianship, and rhythm.


                      3.         Lessons (FOUR required lessons)                                                                 (20%)

    -Student must attend all scheduled lessons and will be graded for each.  The total grade in this category will be the average of the 4 highest lesson grades for the marking period.

    - It is the student’s responsibility to schedule make-up lessons, within one cycle after the missed lesson.

    -The grade for lessons not made up within the allotted time will be zero.

    -Unexcused absence or coming unprepared (no instrument, no music, or not having practiced) will detract from the points in this category.

    -Students will be assigned etudes, solos, exercises and scales being learned in rehearsal to gauge student improvement.  The PMEA solo and scale rubrics will be used for evaluation. 

    -Students attending a full period lesson will start with a 7.  The additional points will be added based on preparation and participation in that lesson.



    CONCERT PARTICIPATION:    It is assumed and expected that you play all of the scheduled performances, as this is a performance-based course.  Those students who do not attend a concert, but have a legitimate verifiable excuse of illness or an excused school absence will not be penalized but WILL be asked to complete an alternative assignment DUE WITHIN 10 CALENDAR DAYS.  Requests for non-emergency absences from a concert must be submitted in writing at least 14 days PRIOR to the concert date.  Missing concerts may jeopardize a student’s ability to schedule the course in the future.



    A Note about  Lessons!!!!!


    The HHS Instrumental music program maintains a system of small group lessons scheduled on the school day. We are fortunate to have the administrative and faculty support to do this. Details regarding lessons are as follows:


    • students will be scheduled in rotating lesson groups
    • each group will meet once per cycle
    • lessons are designed to make each student a better player and to better ensure the student’s success in the Orchestra class
    • the schedule is arranged such that students will rarely miss the same class period more than once per marking period
    • all playing tests will be performed in lessons
    • students in grades 9-12 who study privately with an approved teacher may be exempt from attending in-school lessons provided they have completed the appropriate paperwork (see Lesson Exemption form).




    Required Performances/ Rehearsals


    Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016                                    7:30 PM                       HHS Auditorium                   HS Bands and Orchestra

    Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016                                        7 PM                            Hershey Area Playhouse       Per. 1 Orchestra ONLY

    Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016                                    7 PM                            HHS Auditorium                   HHS Holiday Concert

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017                               7:30 PM                       HHS Auditorium                   HS Ensembles Concert (Orchestra, Band, Choir)

     Wednesday, May 3, 2017                                   7:30 PM                       HHS Auditorium                   HS Orchestra Spring Concert

     Thursday, June 8, 2017                                      7 PM                            Milton Hershey                     Graduation