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    Diamond Showcase


    2013 Warrior Diamond Lacrosse Showcase


    November 23-24th

    Baltimore, MD

    The 2013 Warrior Diamond Lacrosse Showcase will be held at St. Paul's School in Baltimore, MD November 23-24, 2013.  This year's event will feature 120 of the top male high school players in the country from the Classes of 2015 (juniors), 2016 (sophomores) and 2017 (freshman). There will also be spots available for uncommitted seniors (Class of 2014).


    All spots will be filled on a first come basis. Players do not need to be nominated by a coach but it is helpful for us in developing a mailing list to send information on the event.  For more information please visit

    www.diamondlacrosseshowcase.com, email us at

    info@diamondlacrosseshowcase.com  or call 410-252-5642.   


    Recruiting tips for 2013


    Dear Ken Taylor,

    Over the next several months leading up to the 2013 Warrior Diamond Lacrosse Showcase, Aloha Tournaments along with LacrosseRecruits.com will be sending out informational recruiting tips for high school lacrosse players looking to take their game to the next level!


    Contacting College Coaches



    You want to be proactive getting your recruiting information in front of coaches by emailing and making telephone calls. After your sophomore season, you want to make sure that you let a coach know that you are interested in their program and include your camp/tournament schedule for the upcoming summer. Including your video and LacrosseRecruits.com profile gives them the "bait" to make sure they take the time to see you play over the summer. The goal is to be added to a college program's recruiting list.


    A recruiting list consists of players that are potential fits academically, athletically and then socially. By starting a dialogue with coaches early in the process you will be able to get a much better idea of where you fit on the coach's recruiting list.


    We tell LacrosseRecruits.com Members to start off by sending an introduction email that is based on facts not subjectivity. You play at this school, on this team, you received these awards, you will attend these events over the summer, your stats, your grades etc. This email should link to video so a coach can evaluate your ability on top of all of the other facts you provided in the letter.


    To learn more about the recruiting process and sign up for a free webinar for Aloha participants, please visit http://lacrosserecruits.com/webinar/index.html

     or email help@lacrosserecruits.com!