• Math is MARVELOUS!

    Math Journal - Used in class almost every single day; should stay at school                      
    Homelink Booklet - Contains the home links/homework pages; should be kept at home and assigned pages torn out and brought to school
    Student Reference Book - Comes in handy when completing homework if there are questions; can stay at home or be kept at school; needs to be returned at the end of the school year; can also be accessed through ConnectEd (The Everyday Math website)

    Homework will be assigned 2-3 nights per week.  Rarely will it be assigned over the weekend. Homework is usually a homelink 
    There will be several quizzes and one test per unit. Quizzes are used to guide teacher instruction before the test. Checked quizzes should also let parents and students know in what areas the student needs to improve before the final assessment. 
    "Skill slips" will be attached to tests. These skills slips will list assessed skills and test item numbers relating to each skill. Skills considered essential will be indicated. Items missed will be highlighted.  Skills that are not considered mastered at the time of assessment will also be highlighted.  In addition, skills slips may include information regarding how a student is doing in displaying characteristics of a successful learner (such as completing homework, participating in class, and following directions).
    Teacher:  In order to keep you informed of how your child is doing in math class, I will use the skills slips (see above). I will also make calls occasionally to discuss a student's progress with parents.  Notes or emails will sometimes be sent home. 
    Parents: Parents will be asked to sign/initial all assessments and return them to school with their child. If a parent wants to keep an assessment for review with their child, a note indicating this is acceptable. Parents should not hesitate to contact me via notes, email, or voicemails with any comments, questions or concerns.
    Parents are also asked to use a code indicating the level of help a child needed on the nightly homework:   
    No number in the upper right hand corner of the homework would indicate no help was needed by the student.
     A "1" in the upper right hand corner of the homework would indicate a small amount of help was needed by the student
     A "2" in the upper right hand corner would indicate that the student struggled with the assignment and much help was given.