Business Education


    The Business Education Curriculum at Hershey High School, is an elective course curriculum, which teaches students the fundamentals, theories, and processes of business. The curriculum provides learning for grades 9 through 12 with courses that will help each and every student, regardless of their personal interests, to become more aware of how business and finance plays a role in their lives. 

    Each student has the opportunity to engage in a plethora of courses that will test their business skills (Accounting I, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Entrepreneurship) finance skills (Accounting II, Accounting III, Consumer Topics/Money Management), as well as their computer skills (Keyboarding, College-Bound Word Processing, Technology Applications).  These courses are designed to introduce the core business fundamentals and build a solid foundation for future business growth and financial literacy.  Also, these courses use technology and 21st Century skills to implement several key business processes that allows each learner to grow to develop the necessary skills to become a successful business leader.