• Congratulations!

    During our next school week, your child will be the room 4 Star Student of the Week.


    On Friday a poster will come home with your child. Please color, complete, and return Monday so that we can learn more about our Star Student.
    We will share the poster on Monday with the other students in our classroom. 

    Your child may also choose to participate in the following manner:
    Monday - Bring pictures of family, friends, pets, etc., for our special bulletin board.
    Tuesday - Bring his/her All About Me Bag.
    Wednesday - Bring a stuffed animal to sit on desk for one day-as long as it does not interfere with our learning. (animal must fit in backpack) 
    Thursday – Pick a prize from the STAR jar.
    Friday- classroom friends will create a book made especially for your SUPER STAR STUDENT!

    I look forward to getting to know more about your child during this exciting week.Should you have any questions, please do not hes
    itate to contact me.