• Check this list if you have questions about the class.
    • You are expected to have a 3-ring binder (1" or larger) of any color.
    • You are expected to have a folder (any color) for the handouts; there will be handouts.
    • You are expected to have your iPad with an adequate battery charge to use for an entire class period.
    • Bring a pencil or pen.
    • Bring an eraser.
    • If you are not prepared, there will be consequences. 
    • Follow directions from the teacher the first time they are given.
    • Come to class prepared and ready to learn.
    • Keep your hands, feet, objects and negative comments to yourself. 
    Tech expectations
    • All students are expected to use school-issued devices.
    • Online work done alone should be done in silence. Keep your eyes on your own device.
    • Using online translators, page translate options, or plagiarizing (i.e. using another person's work as your own) is NOT allowed.  Students will be required to redo the assignment under teacher supervision. Dictionaries can be great tools, if used appropriately. Teachers will know if you have used Google Translate.
    • Any intentional damage to anyone's technology (school-owned or student-owned) will receive an office referral for a violation of district technology policy. 
    • If you notice something wrong with a school-issued device, please let me know right away.
    Class Procedures
    • Some routines will happen every class period. There are two types of class days.
      • Warm-up day
        • Look at the board. If you see a time posted, that means you have a warm-up activity.
        • The board will have the agenda for the class period.
      • Assessment day
        • Look at the board. If you see a smiley face, you have an assessment.
        • You will clear your desktop and wait for assessment directions.
    Listening Assignment Expectations
    • You will have seven listening assignments per marking period.
    • The assignments will be self-contained lessons.
    • Each assignment will be posted at least a week before it is due.
    • You will have to complete all the assignments. They are part of your marking period grade.
    • Assignments handed in after their due date will receive partial credit, not full credit.
    • Listening assignments are posted at my HMS teacher site (for laptops and desktops) and on Canvas (for all devices).
    • Complete work in a timely fashion.
    • Check with a classmate if you have a question with warmup work.
    • Contact me if you need help with assignments or if you have suggestions.
    • The school has a strike policy for behavior that is not appropriate.
    • Late assignments result in a consequence (partial credit, not full credit).
    • Coming to class unprepared may result in a consequence.
    • You will vote on a question or statement at the beginning of every class.
    • The goal is to decide which resource will guide you to the correct answer: google, google images, or google translate.     
    • Formative Assessments - they are always happening.
      • I will check on your progress and comprehension by observing and asking questions.
      • Formative assessments do not count as a grade.
    • Summative Assessments - they happen maybe once a week.
      • Vocabulary - you will identify words and phrases.
      • Translation - you will read Spanish and write English.
      • Speaking - you will speak in Spanish.
      • Listening - you will write appropriate information based on what you hear.
      • Reading - you will provide information based on what you read.
      • Type 2 Writing - you will create lists.
      • Type 3 Writing - you will create paragraphs based on the guides given (FCAs).
    Retake Policy
    • You may retake the assessment if you do not do well on a summative assessment.
    • You may retake one summative assessment per marking period.
    • Here is the World Language Department policy:          
    • Reflect on your performance and give a written explanation as to what you need to do to improve your performance.
    • Meet with the teacher outside of class time to discuss what you need to review.
    • Complete remediation work on your own time – not class time.
    • Wait at least two days, but no longer than one six-day cycle to retake an assessment.
    • Provide a written reflection of your performance on the retake and explain how you improved on my retake.

    Contact Information
    (717) 531-2222 x4016 - for voicemail