Volunteer Guidelines & Expectations

    Volunteers Expectations
    • The following expectations are required of volunteers
    • Volunteers must be willing to work under the direction of the teacher or principal;
    • Volunteers must be dependable;
    • Volunteers must have a sincere desire to help and work with children;
    • Volunteers must model professional behavior.
    Volunteer Guidelines

    • All volunteers must sign in and out at the main office and wear identification badge at all times;
    • Cell phones should be turned off or set on silent/vibrate while in the building;
    • Respect the teaching/learning time by not using your time at school for an informal parent-teacher conference;
    • Be open and honest in your communication to staff and administration. If you feel a problem exists, help us to identify them by communicating with us.  Please understand that there may be some issues we may not be able to discuss due to confidentiality issues;
    • As a volunteer, you are not expected to administer discipline to children.  If a child is disruptive, seek assistance from the teacher or principal.
    Working as a volunteer
    • Match your interests and time availability with school needs; consult the building office for more details regarding school needs, requirements and scheduling options;
    • Know when and whom to contact if problems arise;
    • If you cannot fulfill your commitment for any period of time, notify the office and the teacher so other plans can be made, if necessary;
    • Follow district and school procedures for signing in/out wearing identification badges, using school materials, collecting money and maintaining health and security standards;  
    • Know emergency procedures for safety drills, fire, illness, etc.;
    • Observe confidentiality regarding information, events and people you deal with while volunteering.
    Working with Staff
    • Know your area of responsibility;
    • Seek advice and direction from those directly in charge;
    • Maintain a spirit of partnership and cooperation with all staff members;
    • Share appropriate information and suggestions.
    Working with Students
    • Always be consistent with the specific rules and practices encouraged by the teacher or supervisor;
    • Maintain your position of responsibility and authority at all times;
    • Learn names and procedures quickly;
    • Be aware of and sensitive to individual student problems, deficiencies and special needs.

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