• Transitioning to Adulthood for Students with ASD 
    Click here to view the online Pennsylvania Secondary Transition Guide sponsored by the PA Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education on behalf of the Pennsylvania Community on Transition.

    For Students with Disabilities 
    High School vs. College Laws

    More and more schools are not requiring SAT or standardized test scores for admission.  This is a great site to check out.  Click the alphabetical or state-by-state listing at the center of the homepage for a list of schools that make test scores optional.

    Created by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the purpose of this checklist is to empower and enable students with disabilities and their families in planning for life beyond high school.

     A Student with ASD's Journey to College
    College “tricks” essential for those with Aspergers
    Guest: Dr. Marc Ellison/Executive Director West Virginia Autism Training 
                 Published October 31, 2014