¿Quién soy yo? 

             My name is Señorita Parker and I am a recent Penn State graduate. I am looking forward to an exciting year! It is my goal to provide all students with an educationally challenging, yet fun, experience in the classroom.

             My first teaching experience was with Penn State. I was a teacher’s assistant for a biological science class during my sophomore year. In addition to teaching at Penn State, I taught in OtavaloEcuador for a summer with a Penn State Outreach Program. I created a positive learning environment and used many hands-on activities. After teaching in Ecuador I taught in a school district in Pennsylvania named Bellwood-Antis. At Bellwood I taught Spanish I-IV and worked closely with the Spanish Club.

             After teaching and studying in Ecuador I studied in Granada, Spain. I studied in Spain for a semester and learned a lot about the language and culture. I look forward to sharing the Spanish culture with all of my students.

    Mt. Fuya Fuya

    Mt. Fuya Fuya, Ecuador