• COCOA Principles

    Foster a sense of COMMUNITY.
    This looks like:
    Greeting each other with a hello and a smile
    Respecting others by listening when they are speaking
    Being polite
    Encouraging and supporting others
    Take advantage of OPPORTUNITY.
    This looks like:
    Using school and community resources
    Inviting and welcoming others if you see they are done
    Participating in class -- be an active member
    Demonstrate CITIZENSHIP.
    This looks like:
    Doing what is right...even when no one is looking
    Treating others the way you want to be treated
    Volunteering to help
    Assume OWNERSHIP.
    This looks like:
    Taking responsibility for your actions
    Following directions that first time they are given
    Keeping our classroom, school, and community clean
    Keeping a healthy lifestyle
    Do what it takes to be successful in ACADEMICS.
    Striving to be the best you can be
    Staying engaged in your learning
    Taking pride in your work
    Learning from each other
    Be hard working
    Always give 100%!