•  Policy Committee  2016-2017
    New and revised policies and related guidelines
    • Review and consolidate the Administrative, Professional and Classified Employee policy sets into a single policy set. The consolidation effort will eliminate about 70 overlapping policies, simplifying policy maintenance in the future.
    • Review and make recommendations regarding necessary revisions to the 200-Series "Pupil" policies. Upon review of the 200-Series policies, the Policy Committee will have completed its review of all school board policies during the past three years.
    • Recommend revisions to policies affected by recent changes to Pennsylvania's Child Protective Services laws.
    • The committee reviewed and recommended a Conflicts of Interest policy, which was adopted by the school board on January 12, 2015.

    Committee Members
    Mr. John Abel
    Mr. Brian Shiflett
    Mrs. Kathy Sicher
    Mr. Terry Singer
    Mr. Jason Reifsnyder
    Citizen Advisors
    Beth Ann Olmsted
    Lewis Shaw
    Dr. Serdar Ural
     School Board