• The district has supplied each student with a list of supplies needed for school. These supplies will be shared with the class so there is no need to label these items with your child's name. 

    Other items needed include:

    • Large Book bag - please be sure to label with name and transportation information (bus number)
    • A box of tissues (to share with the class)
    • One empty pencil box; plastic, 8.5" x 5.5" x 2.5. Please do not substitute with a different style.
    • Expo Markers (please note-these markers will need replaced regularly throughout the school year) 
    • 2 pairs of over the head headphones for use on the IPad.


    Please make sure that you place your child’s name on book bags, lunch boxes, coats, etc. 

    • It is much easier to identify when things get misplaced. 


    As items are needed throughout the year, I will place a note in my newsletter.

    • We will need items such as napkins, diaper wipes, and paper towels. Thank you for your support and donations!



    • If your child plans on going home on a different bus, you MUST contact the transportation department first
      • Transportation department number: 717-566-7422
    • Once the transportation department has approved it, you must send a note to school notifying the teacher of the change.