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    In a continuing effort to provide daily parent-teacher communication, I will be using a “homework folder.” The homework folder will contain daily assignments, our classroom newsletter and other important information. This folder will be used to help alleviate confusion between teacher, student and parent as to what is assigned for homework. Homework assignments will be placed in the folders when assigned. Please review and assist your child as necessary. Once homework is completed, the homework and the homework folder should be returned the following day. All papers should be empytied from your child's folder daily.


    There will be a small amount of math (home links) each night. Sight words should be practiced and as we progress, other skills will need some additional practice at home, as well. Most importantly, please take time to read to your child every night and when he/she is ready, listen to him/her read to you. In our classroom lessons, we will be studying sounds made by individual letters and or letter combinations. Eventually, your child may have reading homework on a level that is 'just right' for him/her.  Keep encouraging your child to read!


    Helping your child with their homework is a great way for you to spend quality time together while keeping in touch with our classroom activities. Please do not spend more than 10-15 minutes each night on homework. It is important that we allow time to play and have fun, too. On those nights that your busy schedule does not allow time for homework, it's ok...just return the completed work as soon as you can.