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  • The Advanced Placement Program and Exams

    With AP®, students can take college-level course work in high school. When students take AP courses and exams, they demonstrate to college admission officers that they have sought out an educational experience that will prepare them for success in college and beyond. Performing well on an AP Exam means more than just the successful completion of a course. Most colleges and universities accept successful exam scores for credit, advanced placement, or both. And research consistently shows that students who are successful in AP typically experience greater academic success in college than those who don’t participate in AP.


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    Week 1

    Monday, May 4

    Tuesday, May 5

    Wednesday, May 6

    Thursday, May 7

    Friday, May 8


    8 a.m.

     1. U.S. Government & Politics

     1. Calculus AB

     2. Calculus BC

     1. English Literature (12th gr.)

     1. Chemistry

     1. U.S. History



    12 p.m.

     1. Physics C: Mechanics

     1. German Language

     2. Human Geography

     1. European History


     1. Studio Art

     2. Computer Science

     3. Art History


    2 p.m.

     1. Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism







    Week 2

    Monday, May 11

    Tuesday, May 12

    Wednesday, May 13

    Thursday, May 14

    Friday, May 15


    8 a.m.

    1. Biology


     1. Spanish Language

    1.English Language (11th gr.)

     1. Comparative Government & Politics

    1.French Language


    12 p.m.

     1. Chinese Language

     2. Environmental Science

    1. Psychology

     1. Music Theory


    1. Statistics

    Registration Information:

    CollegeBoard has changed the AP Classroom and AP Exam Registration procedures and have added more resources for students. Listed below are the registration windows and fees associated with the different sessions. Also outlined are the steps a student needs to take in order to register for AP Exams in May.

    Steps to Register for AP Exams:

    1. Student enrolls in AP Classroom during their AP class(es) with the assistance from the AP teacher(s). (If a student is enrolled in multiple AP classes they will enroll in multiple AP Classroom sections)
    2. Student uses the AP Exam Registration 2020form to sign up for the AP exams they are taking in May.
    3. Student submits completed form and prints out PDF or email receipt.
    4. Student brings check made payable to DTSD for the exact amount owed AND the printed registration receipt to Mrs. Malik in the counseling office.

    When all 4 steps are completed a student has officially registered to take the AP Exam(s).

    AP Exam Registration Windows:



    Frequently Asked Questions

    When do I need to report to the testing room?

    For morning exams, students need to report to the testing room at 7:30 am. For afternoon exams students need to report to the testing room beginning at 11:45 am. For security reasons, students will not be admitted to the exam room as of 8:00 am for morning exams, and 12:00 pm for afternoon exams. Late arrivals who are not admitted to the room are considered ‘no shows’ and are not eligible for refunds or make up exams.

    How do I figure out where my exam will be administered?

    Exam location information will be posted in each AP Classroom and inside the Counseling Office.

    How do I know when the exam is?

    The exam calendar is posted on the High School Counseling website page.

    What can be brought into the exam room?

    Students MUST bring pencils, pens in blue or black ink, and a calculator if applicable.

    What cannot be brought to the exam room?

    No cell phones, no smartwatches, electronic devices (other than approved calculators), purses, backpacks, highlighters, books.  No food or drink. 

    How long do the exams last?

    On average, exams last 4 - 4.5 hours (this includes approximately 30 minutes of time spent on completing identifying information, etc.) Students should notify coaches, parents, etc. accordingly since no early dismissal is possible from the exam.

    What if I decide to not take an exam? Can I get a refund?

    Refunds will not be awarded after you turn in your confirmation sheet and money. No shows are not eligible for refund.

    What if I am late?

    Students will not be permitted to the testing room late for security reasons.  Late arrivals who are not admitted to the testing rooms are considered “no shows” and are not eligible for refunds or make up exams.

    What if I finish the exam early? Can I leave early?

    Per College Board’s security regulations for exams, students may not leave the test until time is called and all examinees are excused together. If a student leaves without permission, their exam will be collected and submitted separately to College Board. Their score will be cancelled and no refund will be possible. Exams are approximately 4.5 hours. Please be prepared for the duration of the exam.

    What if I get sick and can’t make the exam?

    There are provisions for students who become sick or injured during or right before testing. If you fall ill during the exam please notify the proctor. If you are will or there is an emergency right before the exam please contact Mr. Hensel in the counseling office.

    Are there any circumstances that allow for an alternate late testing date?

    Per College Board regulations, there are some circumstances that allow for a student to take a late exam on an alternate testing date.  Depending on the circumstance, there may be a late testing fee charged.

    The following are permissible late testing reasons with no additional fee:

    • Academic contest/event
    • Athletic contest/event
    • Conflict with state mandated test
    • Disabilities accommodation issue
    • Emergency:  bomb scare or fire alarm
    • Emergency:  serious injury, illness, or family tragedy
    • High School Graduation
    • Religious holiday/observance
    • School Closing: election, national holiday or natural disaster
    • Student Court Appearance
    • Two AP exams on the same day and time