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    With AP®, students can take college-level course work in high school. When students take AP courses and exams, they demonstrate to college admission officers that they have sought out an educational experience that will prepare them for success in college and beyond. Performing well on an AP Exam means more than just the successful completion of a course. Most colleges and universities accept successful exam scores for credit, advanced placement, or both. And research consistently shows that students who are successful in AP typically experience greater academic success in college than those who don’t participate in AP.

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    AP Coronavirus Update


    With the ongoing pandemic, the CollegeBoard has decided to administer AP Exams through online. The exam times and dates have changed and are reflected below:

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    AP Exam Cancellation:

    To cancel exam(s) you will simply choose not to take the exam on exam day in May and also in June. After the June testing window has concluded, the AP Coordinator will receive a roster of the students who tested and cancelled. If you cancel an exam(s) you will get a FULL REFUND for each exam.

    To receive a refund check, please complete the AP Exam Cancellation Form and email it back to Mr. Hensel at bhensel@hershey.k12.pa.us by JUNE 6, 2020. Exam verification will take place after the late testing window in June.  Cancellation forms will be processed and checks will be mailed home after that time. Please anticpate receiving a refund in late June or early July.