• Finance Standing Committee  2014-2015
    Financial planning, budgeting, and taxation
    • Consider options for refunding any redeemable bond series to achieve net debt service savings. On January 26, 2015, the school board authorized the refunding of most of the District's 2010A Series of bonds yielding a net $722,396 savings to our District spread out over the next eight years. As part of that project, Standard & Poor's affirmed a AAA credit rating for the District's general obligation bonds. The District is one of only a handful of Pennsylvania municipalities maintaining a AAA credit rating, which leads to lower borrowing costs as evidenced by the recent bond refunding project.
    • Guide the administration's efforts to seek bank depository services that best meet the District's needs while yielding the highest net interest income.
    • Provide the administration with priorities during the budget planning and preparation process; ensure the budget provides for the educational needs of the District as well as the goals identified in the District's comprehensive and strategic plan; and ensure the budget is developed with input from a wide range of stakeholders. For the 2015-16 budget, the administration is implementing a zero-based budgeting approach – a change from past practice.
    • Implement a change in committee structure from a standing committee to a committee of the whole.
     Committee Members
    Mr. Chris Barrett
    Mrs. Heidi Eby
    Mr. Jay Franklin
    Mrs. Maria Memmi
    Mrs. Jennifer Mysel
    Mrs. Julie Neal
    Mr. Brian Shiflett
    Mrs. Kathy Sicher
    Mr. Terry Singer
    Mr. Joseph McFarland
    Mr. Mike Frentz
    Citizen Advisors
    Eileen Rusnack
    Jack Bishop
    Faisal Aziz
    School Board