We will be holding meetings for the 2023-24 school year on January 30th during the lunch periods. You must attend a session to get the 1st step in the application process.

  • There will be a MANDATORY meeting for Sophomores and Juniors students interested in applying for an Internship, Work Experience or the HCEP program for the FALL and/or SPRING of the 2023-24 school year.

    Meetings will be during the lunches on Monday, January 30th.

    Eat your lunch first and then come to the Library Conference room.

    6th pd lunch – 11am, 7th period lunch – 11:45 and 8th period lunch – 12:35.  

    You must attend one of the sessions to obtain the 1st step in the application process for all school to career type programming. Applications will NOT be accepted from students that DO NOT attend one of these meetings.  


    Internship Program 

    The application deadline will be February 24th. You must have attended the Internship Informational meeting and handed in your Regional Employability Certificate Application before the END of February for the next school year's internships programs. Listen to Morning Announcements for meeting dates/times. 


    Students have the opportunity to qualify for a Regional Employability Certificate in this internship program if they meet the following criteria for one year prior to their internship:


    • Character--the student must have no history of repeated discipline problems and must exhibit the ability to work well with others
    • Attendance--The student must demonstrate responsible attendance; a maximum of 10 nonconsecutive days absent during the school year.  Extended absences will be excused by a doctor's note.
    • Academic Achievement--The student must achieve a 70 percent current GPA and no failing classes
    • Educator Evaluation Forms--The student must obtain two favorable evaluation forms completed by educators


    How will it Benefit the the Employer?

    • Declares the student has received an initial screening within his/her school and should be strongly considered for an interview.
    • Indicates the student is a promising employee who is reliable, dependable and capable of being an effective team player.
    • Mentors/Supervisors must have clearances on file with the school district before a student may begin.


    How will it Benefit the Student?

    • Will be strongly considered for an interview as a result of earning the Certificate.
    • Will be considered as having additional skills by local employers during the job application process.
    • Will develop stronger critical workplace skills while in school and on the job.
    • Will be better prepared to market themselves in the future, during postsecondary education and training and in the workforce.
    • Will have a better understanding of what employers expect and why they expect it. 



    Work Experience

    • Is a different type of Internship. It has many of the same application and assignment procedures.
    • Mentors/Supervisors must also have clearances on file with the school district before a student may begin.
    • Some Differences:
    • Students must be paid.
    • Students must work 150 out of the 180 school days.
    • Students must have at least 15 hours per week.
    • The Employer must need the student during a portion of the school day.