ACE Mentor Program registration: CLOSED for 2022-23 school year. Please check their website for details.

    Link to ACE Application - http://www.acementor.org  

    On the ACE homepage there is a "Register now as a student" link on the left hand side. That will take you to a page with two choices to make, "new student registration" or "returning students".  Please make sure to select the Dauphin County affiliate when registering.


    The 2022-23 year program will be IN PERSON .

    Held at DCTS 

    Tuesdays from 5:00-7:00Pm

    Start date is October 18th

    End date is March 7th


    Deadline to apply is: 10/4/2022



    ACE currently operates in 62 affiliates covering 40 states, and over 200 cities. This year alone over 8,000 students and almost 5,000 mentors participated in the program; 70% are minorities and 40% are young women. Over $12 million in scholarships have been awarded.

    Central PA

    Central Pennsylvania is a great area in which to pursue a career in the ACE industry. There is an abundance of Pennsylvania institutions for high school students to choose from and there are many firms willing to mentor these students and welcome them into our profession.

    This is our ninth year offering the ACE Mentor Program in Central PA. Due to our wide geographic region, within our Central PA Affiliate, we run four consecutive county programs with totally separate mentors, meeting schedules, and projects in Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, and York Counties. Our 2011-2012 headcount was 190 students representing 39 schools from six counties which made us the fifth largest affiliate in the nation. We have 21 Board Members and 146 registered mentors.

    In addition to the traditional program focused on Architecture, Construction, and Engineering careers, two of our counties augment their Professional track programs by offering a parallel Skilled Trades program focused on the crafts. We traditionally have 10%-15 % of our students participating solely in the skilled trades program, while over 50% of students are exposed to both the Professional and Skilled Trades programs through integrated crossover opportunities or additional sessions added to the curriculum.

    While we administer four county programs, each one follows the same basic structure. We split the students into at least two teams lead by a mentor team leader and conduct between 16 and 24 sessions between October and May. Each county selects their own project and each team independently works toward their own project completion. Past projects include designing a restaurant, a retail store, a park visitor center, and a roller coaster station house.

    Qualifying seniors are eligible for local scholarships that are dependent on how successful the local fundraising campaign is each year. Over the last six years, $51,500 has been awarded in local scholarships.