•  Policy Committee
    New and revised policies and related guidelines
    • Review the Board Operating Guidelines.
    • Continue to review and amend polices based on PSBA recommended changes.
    • Revisit policies that dictate regular review and track for systematic revision.
    • Continue to review and revise policies as issues arise and are recommended by the Board.
      • Policy 309: Assignment and Transfer
      • Re: advertising to students - Policy 121: Field Trip and Tours; Policy 913: Non-school Organizations/Groups/Individuals; and Policy 913.1: Commercial Sponsorships and Partnerships
    • Board priorities include exploring policies related to Safe and Supportive Schools
      • evaluating the implementation of current policies, particularly Policy 249: Bullying/Cyberbullying
      • Introduce new policies
        • Gender Identity and Expression
        • Diversity
    Committee Members
    Mr. John Abel
    Dr. Kip Shaw
    Mrs. Kathy Sicher
    Mrs. Tricia Steiner - Chairperson
    Mr. Jason Reifsnyder
    Citizen Advisors
    Joshuah Cysyk
    Sudhir Kumar
    Beth Ann Olmsted
    Stephanie Patton
    DTSD Board
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