• August 2019


    Dear Families,


    The sixth grade English Language Arts (ELA) department would like to give you some information about our curriculum, assessments, and grading procedures. We have three units that were developed using the Common Core standards. Each unit has four to six learning goals, which we use to guide our instruction and assessments. Your child will receive a Unit Map at the beginning of each unit. The Unit Map will give your child a general overview of what will be covered throughout the unit. This can also be a reference for you as a parent.


    The sixth grade ELA department uses common assessments and grading procedures for all assessments. Your child will be given two types of assessments: formative and summative. Formative assessments are like quizzes or quick checks that help us to understand how students are progressing with the learning goals. Formative assessments are not graded for points. Students will receive feedback in the form of a P (proficient), S (satisfactory), or U (unsatisfactory). Students will have one formative assessment that will be entered into the gradebook for each learning goal. Summative assessments are like tests. They are given after instruction, formative assessment, and differentiation has taken place. Summative assessments will be graded for points. Students will have one summative assessment that will be entered into the grade book for each learning goal. Other assignments that will be graded for points are writing assignments, performance tasks (project type), and reading-related tasks. At the end of each marking period, all of the points will be added up and divided by the total amount of points in order to calculate a percentage grade for the marking period.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to email your child’s ELA teacher. We hope this letter was helpful in your understanding of our curriculum, assessments, and grading procedures.




    Mrs. Kathryn Mack-Hoover (Team Hurricane) kmack@hershey.k12.pa.us


    Mrs. Sarah O’Brien (Team Twister) sobrien@hershey.k12.pa.us


    Mrs. Kim Pegher (Team Monsoon Season) kpegher@hershey.k12.pa.us