• The flowchart listed below illustrates the process that DTSD staff uses to screen and identify students for formal gifted testing and the possibility of receiving gifted services. In grades 6-8, the school counselors identify students at or above the 97 percentile on PSSAs. The counselors then provide the students’ team with Gifted Screening Input Forms for those students. The teachers complete the forms and submit them to the administrative assistant for the counseling department. The results of the Input Forms will determine whether or not a student will be screened for gifted services.  

    In addition, teachers may make student recommendations to school counselors for gifted screening.  

    As a parent, you have the right to contact your child’s school counselor and request that your child be screened for gifted services. The results of the screening process will help the counselor to determine whether or not your child should be formally tested for gifted services.  

    Please see the flowchart for additional steps in the gifted screening and evaluation process: Gifted Screening and Evaluation Flowchart

    If your family is new to our District and your child received gifted services in his/her previous district, please be sure to indicate that detail during registration.  Our secretaries will contact the child’s previous school to obtain records and documentation.  If your child was identified as gifted in PA, I will contact you to set up a GIEP meeting in order to transition your child’s GIEP to DTSD.  If your child was identified in another state, he/she will need to go through the process for identification in PA.  You can start by contacting your child’s school counselor to request that your child be screened for gifted services.  

    If you are wondering whether your child should be recommended for gifted screening, you can use the Traits of Giftedness resource from the National Association of Gifted Children to gain perspective.  You can also reference page 6 of the PAGE and PSEA Booklet on Gifted Education in PA.  You will see that gifted traits can sometimes be present in positive or negative ways.  Although the booklet was written for teachers, feel free to examine the entire booklet for a more comprehensive view of gifted education in our state.