Attendance - Ways in which parents/guardians can help are as follow:

    •  Schedule non-urgent medical and dental appointments outside of school hours. 

    •  Establish good habits of attendance and punctuality.

    • Avoid taking family vacations during the school year. It is very difficult to play "catch up" after a week of missed instruction.


    • Provide a healthy breakfast before school each day.

    • Provide a routine structured "no screen" time to complete homework.

    • Talk to your student about his/her school day.

    School begins at 8:33. Children who walk or drive to school should not arrive before 8:30 a.m. Students are not permitted in the classroom prior to 8:33. If your child arrives after the 8:37 tardy bell, a late pass must be obtained from the office. 
    If your child must be dismissed from school prior to the regular 3:37 dismissal time, please send in a note with your child that morning. I will then send the note to the office. ** All early dismissals must be handled from the office. It is necessary for you to sign your child out and the secretaries will call for them at that time. 
    If at any time your child is to go home with a friend, or be picked up by someone else, please write me a note. This is for your child’s safety and I cannot send them without your written permission.
     Once transportation has been established, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH CHANGES IN TRANSPORTATION DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. Although it does not occur often, there are days when I do not have a chance to check my email throughout the day. IF you need to make a change or forget to send a note, please contact the office and they will be sure I get your message.

    If your child is absent from school, you need to call the Absentee Line and report your child’s absence at 534-2509.


    Arrangements can be made for a sibling or neighbor to stop by the office and pick up any homework/missed assignments during your child’s absence. If you wish to do so, please leave a message on my voice mail in the morning and I will have the assignments ready at the end of the day.