Items Needed For School



    • Large Book bag and pencil box
    • Grade level supplies requested by the district (please refer to the letter sent home)
    • A box of tissues (small for your child would be preferred due to health and safety precautions)
    • Keychain – with you name – to help label your book pouch


    Please make sure that you place your child’s name on book bags, coats, etc.  It is much easier to identify when things get misplaced. 

    As items are needed throughout the year, I will place a note in my weekly newsletter.  Thank you for your support and donations!






    School begins at 8:40. Children who walk or drive to school should not arrive before 8:30 a.m.  Students are not permitted in the classroom prior to 8:30. If your child arrives after the 8:40 tardy bell, a late pass must be obtained from the primary office. 

    If your child must be dismissed from school prior to the regular 3:37 dismissal time, please send in a note with your child that morning.  I will then send the note to the office.  Please also email or notify the office as I may not receive your message due to being out of room.  

    ** All early dismissals must be handled from the office.  It is necessary for you to sign your child out and the secretaries will call for them at that time.

    If your child is absent from school, you need to call the Absentee Line and report your child’s absence at 534-2509.

    Arrangements can be made for a sibling or neighbor to stop by the classroom and pick up any homework/missed assignments during your child’s absence.  If you wish to do so, please leave a message on my voice mail in the morning and I will have the assignments ready at the end of the day. 

    If at any time your child is to go home with a friend, or be picked up by someone else, please write me a note.  This is for your child’s safety and I can not send them without your written permission.





    The children will be eating lunch in the Early Childhood cafeteria, located down the hall from the office. 

    Students can buy an individual lunch with milk for the cost of approx. $3.00.  Please check the school menu and website for exact prices and other meal plan options.  Parents are encouraged to enroll in the Snap Card system, as it eliminates the need for children to handle money.  Milk can be purchased for those students packing a lunch.





     Snack & Breakfast Time


    We will be having a daily snack.  MORE INFO TO COME as to when (during morning recess or afternoon).  Please send in a non-perishable snack, enough for 21 students, on the first of every month. I have found this system to work very well, rather than having someone forget on his or her assigned day.   Students will have the opportunity to purchase a breakfast if you would like them to eat when they arrive.   Details will be coming home about this option. 







    Birthdays are an important part of first grade.  We like to make birthdays special in Room 28.  If you would like to send a special non – edible treat (pencils, stickers...) with your child on their birthday, just let me know ahead of time.  We will celebrate your child’s birthday by singing to them during that day.     

    If you are planning a birthday party for your child outside of school, please mail the invitations to your child’s classmates, as we must be mindful of the feelings of those who have not been invited.  When invitations are presented to only a few students in school, other's feelings are hurt by the exclusion.  Thank you for your cooperation and support. 




    In a continuing effort to improve parent-teacher communication, I will be using a “homework folder or SEESAW Activities.”  The homework folder will contain daily assignments, our classroom newsletter and other important information.  This folder will be used to help alleviate confusion between teacher, student and parent as to what is assigned for homework.  Homework assignments will be placed in the folders or in SEESAW when assigned for parents to check nightly. Once homework is completed and reviewed by parents, the homework folder should be returned the following day.

    I focus much of the homework on the phonics skills being discussed in class as well as reading practice.  There may also be a small amount of math.

    In our classroom lessons, we will be studying sounds made by individual letters and or letter combinations.  Your child will receive a High Frequency Word list packet and a Reading Program newsletter which he or she will bring home in the folder or have posted in their OPEN COURT FOLDER in SEESAW when homework is assigned.  The bi-weekly newsletter will list the skills we will be working on for that particular week.  Remember!  Helping your child with their homework is a great way for you to spend quality time together while keeping in touch with our classroom activities.

    Student of the Week

    Each week a special person will be spotlighted on our “Star –Of- The- Week” board.  Every child will have the opportunity to be on our special board. I will go through our class roster in alphabetical order, in order to allow each student to share.  When it is your child’s turn, he or she will be asked to tell us some of their favorite things and to share some family pictures with the class.  Some favorite things may be hobbies, likes, dislikes, foods, activities, books, etc.  The pictures and information will be placed on our “Star” board for the week.   Your child will also be allowed to select a friend to eat in the classroom with the teacher during their week. 

    This activity will be a great opportunity for the children to get to know each other and to share in everyone’s interests.
    Language Arts

    Our Language Arts (OPEN COURT) program consists of several different components.  We usually begin our day with phonics/spelling/word building time.  I will introduce or review letters/letter sounds or combinations being discussed in the weekly stories and spelling lessons.  We will also do a whole group reading activity.  During this time, I use the OPEN COURT website for interactive activities and weekly stories.  I may use trade books and big books to reinforce the phonics skills being taught.  Along with our whole group reading, we divide into guided reading groups based on the children’s individual reading needs.  Our WIN (What I Need) reading block will begin in the fall where students could possibly be switching classroom based on these individual reading needs. During this teacher-instructed time, children will be expected to work independently in centers.  Center time is devoted to practicing handwriting, writing and illustrating stories, working on the computers/ipads, listening to stories on tape, reading and completing other assigned tasks.



    Everyday Math

    This will be first grade's 19th year for the Everyday Math Curriculum.  This is not the typical pencil-paper math program.  The students are engaged in more hands-on activities and games, which help to teach the concepts for each unit.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or refer to the Home connection and Unit newsletters posted in SEESAW.

    Book Orders

    The students will have many opportunities to order books from the monthly book clubs.  This will enable them to begin a relatively inexpensive library as well as supplement their reading program at school.   When ordering, please enclose in an envelope:  the order form with your child’s name and a check made payable to the appropriate book club.   Please mark the envelope with the name of the book club, your child’s name, teacher’s name/room number and return it to school with your child.    Books usually arrive within 8 to 10 days after I place the order.