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    Our Year At A Glance


    We are going to have a wonderful fun-filled year, full of new activities and trips. We will be exploring many hands-on lessons with our Math series –Everyday Math and reading series - Open Court. During our language arts program we will have whole group instruction and a teacher –instructed time. Throughout the guided reading time (WIN - What I Need), students will be instructed at their individual levels. Students will also work in small groups or independently to complete center activities (writing, Reading, Listening & Word Work) that correlate to the stories we are discussing.

    Along with our math, spelling and language arts curriculum, students will also participate in a SEL/ Bounce Back & Second Step Anti-violence curriculum, Social Studies and FOSS Science units.

    First Grade is an important year for social and developmental growth. This year, students will have a chance to participate in special classes. Art, Music, Gym, Guidance lessons & STEAM will be a part of our daily schedule. The special teacher's may have specific requirements for your child in order for them to be successful.

    My goal this year is to help your child succeed both socially and academically. I want them to enjoy learning and work together to help our classroom run smoothly. Remember, "Things turn out better when we work together!"





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