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      Listed below are the classroom rules your child and I will be following.  I will be using the CLASS DOJO program to create a classroom where every student can make wise decisions about their behavior and also have an opportunity to learn in a positive, self- motivating, nurturing class environment.   This discipline program will also help to develop/reinforce the COCOA PRINCIPLES/CHAMPS & Whole Body Listening Larry behavior system within the classroom and building.  See below:



    Your child deserves the most positive, pro-social climate possible for his or her educational growth and development.   I know that together we can make a difference.

     To encourage students to follow our class rules, I will acknowledge and support appropriate behavior with: DOJO POSITIVE or verbal reminders, verbal praise, happy notes home, Whole Body Listening Larry/ COCOA rewards or special privileges, positive phone calls home and group rewards.

    The rules, DOJO rewards and points for appropriate behavior are pictured below. 



    1. Follow directions.                                                                                           .
    2. We listen to each other. (raise your hand-one person speaks at a time).
    3. Hands are for helping not hurting. (keep your hands and feet to yourself).
    4. Use quiet inside voices (six-inch voices).
    5. Walk Nicely, do not run.



    Please review the above discipline plan with your child to reinforce their understanding.  After reviewing the above, please complete the attached form in this booklet and return it with your child.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me!