Hi! I'm Mrs. Peifer.  


    I am the 2nd - 5th grade Health teacher at Hershey Elementary School. 

    I live in Lancaster city with my husband and step-son who is in 7th grade. I love walking around the city - going to the park, the library, the market! Some of my favorite things to do when I am not at school are biking, walking, reading, knitting, being outside in nature, yoga, qigong, watching tv/movies, and gardening! 

    I went to Penn State University for my Bachelors in Kinesiology and my Masters in Health Education. While at Penn State, I was a diver on the swimming and diving team and a pole vaulter on the track team. 

    I am excited to teach our students about health this year, focusing on the Health Triangle - physical health, mental health, social & emotional health. I love learning about each of these parts of health and finding activities to teach students to learn how to be healthy in each area. 

    Our class motto is - "Do small things with great love." Each class, I hope students walk away with one "small thing" that they can begin incorporating into their life to care for their physical, mental, or social and emotional health.  

    I look forward to journeying with each of you this year!