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Derry Township School District

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Derry Township School District believes members of our community play a vital role in preparing our students to be productive members of society. Research clearly indicates children whose parents are involved in their school activities achieve at higher levels than those whose parents are not involved.  As a District, we feel that parents sharing their time and talents greatly benefits our entire school community. 

School volunteers enhance the educational experience in so many ways:

  • By working as the extra hands, ears, and hearts of teachers whose responsibilities extend to many students
  • By helping to ensure that vital programs like music, sports, and the arts are available in the school
  • By working to ensure the smooth operation of many school activities, we sometimes take for granted.
  • By listening, caring, and supporting the most important person in any school – the student

Become a Volunteer

Prospective volunteers should begin by reviewing the DTSD Volunteer Manual and completing the Volunteer Registration Form.

Volunteer Registration Form

Volunteers must be eighteen (18) years of age and shall meet all standards that may be established by federal, state, or local government, or by the board or administration. In accordance with state law and district policy, individuals who will be interacting with children must provide a set of background clearances before they can begin volunteering in the school system.

The volunteer must agree to be bound by all applicable privacy laws and regulations. In addition, the volunteer shall adhere to all rules and regulations and administrative guidelines governing the conduct of the District’s professional employees.


Pennsylvania law now includes more stringent requirements for checking the background of those in contact with students; these provisions apply to employees and volunteers.  Effective July 1, 2015. Derry Township School District volunteers must provide updated certifications every 60 months (5 years).

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Guidelines and Expectations

The following expectations are required of volunteers;

  • Volunteers must be willing to work under the direction of the teacher or principal;
  • Volunteers must be dependable;
  • Volunteers must have a sincere desire to help and work with children;
  • Volunteers must model professional behavior

More information on Volunteer Guidelines