• School Counseling Services
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    School counseling services is offered to all students at Hershey Elementary School, utilizing a developmental approach.  As Elementary Counselors, we have the unique opportunity to follow our students each year from Second Grade through Fifth Grade.  We are able to provide counseling and consultation services in the following areas: academic development, personal/social development, and career development.  We provide these services through individual and small group counseling, developmental classroom guidance lessons, and academic screening and assessment.  We act as consultants for teachers, support staff, and parents. We also help coordinate services outside of the school setting to assist students and families in need.  

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    Please contact your child's school counselor during school hours if you are interested in making an appointment or finding out more information related to any of these services.
    Jodi Ocker
    School Counselor
    717-531-2277 x 5424
     Kris Robino
    School Counselor

    717-531-2277 x 5422