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    COVID-19 Resources

    As we all work through these challenging times, school psychologists of Derry Township School District want to provide some resources for both parents and educators, as well as general educationally relevant COVID-19 information that is continually updated.

    We are here to support our students, families and staff. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

    Be safe!

    Dr. Lillenstein

    Dr. Pedersen

    Mrs. Peters



    Derry Township’s school psychologists and masters/doctoral level school psychology interns help children and youth succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. They collaborate with administrators, educators, parents, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students that strengthen connections between home and school.


    Derry Township’s school psychologists and masters/doctoral level school psychology interns work to find the best solution for each student and situation and use varied strategies to address student needs and to improve school and district-wide support systems. The school psychologists and masters/doctoral level school psychology interns work with students individually and in groups. They also develop programs to train teachers and parents regarding effective teaching and learning strategies, effective techniques to manage behavior at home and in the classroom, and working with students with disabilities or with special talents. Through participation in the Hershey Intervention and Prevention Program (HIP), issues concerning the abuse of drugs and other substances, and preventing and managing crises are also addressed.

    Derry Township’s school psychologists and masters/doctoral level school psychology interns are active participants on various teams in each building, including, Data Teams, Intervention Planning Teams, Intervention Teams, Student Assistance Teams (HIP), assist with the development of Transition Plans and 504/Chapter 15 Service Agreements, and regularly participate in regular and special education programs. They oversee the District’s DIBELS/AIMSWeb/Performance Tracker programs and RTI/3 Tier Process for assessment and intervention which assists in determining whether students are acquiring skills and responding to the core curriculum and/or specialized interventions.
    Contact Information:

    30 E. Granada Avenue
    PO Box 898
    Hershey, PA 17033
    Grade contacts:
    Grades 4-5
    Amanda B. Peters, M.S., NCSP
    School Psychologist
    717-534-2501 x6127
    Grades K-1, 6-8 
    Dr. Jason A. Pedersen, NCSP
    School Psychologist
    717-534-2501 x6035 (ECC); x4228 (HMS)


    Grades 2-3, 9-12 

    Dr. David J. Lillenstein, NCSP
    School Psychologist
     717-534-2501 x5436


    Masters/Doctoral Level Interns:
    Francesca Verischetti, M.Ed. 
    (Edinboro University)
    717-531-2277  x5423
    Dana Kosman, M.Ed.
    (Lehigh University)
    717-531-2277 x5423
    Lydia Van Voorhis, M.Ed.
    (Lehigh University) lvanvoorhis@hershey.k12.pa.us
    717-531-2277 x5423
    Krislyn Rousseau, MS
    (Millersville University)
    717-531-2277 x5423

    Helpful Links:

    Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania

    National Association of School Psychologists

    BIG IDEAS in Reading http://reading.uoregon.edu

    DIBELS Website http://dibels.uoregon.edu/
    Florida Center for Reading Research

    Performance Tracker