• Counselor's Corner 
    Welcome to Hershey Elementary School! I am one of three Elementary School Counselors and my name is Jodi Ocker. Our counseling department, offers a comprehensive developmental program that allows us to follow our students starting in 2nd grade through their elementary years. Working consistently with the same students provides each student a trusted adult and the ability get to know each student and families over several years.    
    As a school counselor, my goal is to help all students, parents, and staff work together as a team to achieve academic and school success, introduce career education as well as growth in the area of social/emotional development. The school counselor takes on many different roles and tasks. Students have the opportunity to interact with me through a variety of opportunities, including classroom guidance lessons, individual counseling, and small group experiences. 
     I can be reached by phone at (717) 508-2219