• Some Optional Computer Class Activities
    SECOND GRADE - I have a wonderful website called abcya.com that I'd like you to try.  There are letter, number and other games here that are listed.  What I'd like you to do is click on Grade 2 at the top and start out with three letter games and then three number games to try.  Also, try out the other things at this website.  Remember to click on 2nd grade to start.  Enjoy!
    THIRD GRADE - Remember when we did Typetastic?  It was a website we did earlier in the year.  Here's a link:   https://typetastic.com/learn.html We did Unit 1 to start the year and you really enjoyed it.  So you can try the typing activities in Unit 1 or you can try Unit 2 and see how you do.  Good luck! 
    FOURTH GRADE - You can practice some typing at www.freetypinggames.net.  Try out a few typing games and when you're warmed up take a typing test and see how you do.  Can you get to 10 words per minute?  Try and see how close you can get.  Also, remember if your keys aren't working, the CAPS LOCK might need to be turned off.
    FiFTH GRADEWhen done, you can practice your typing at www.freetypinggames.net.  Do a few typing games and then try out a few typing tests.  See how close you can get to 15 wpm.  Good Luck!
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