We have a schedule!

    Definitely looking forward to the upcoming 2021 Season! I've linked the Physical Form - Only for NEW Athletes!!! The recert form is also linked and that is for athletes that did another school sport this school year! The recert  DOES NOT require another doctor appointment (unless you had a health issue!) The recertification needs to be signed by a parent and returned to the office after a certain date.  I do not know that date yet, but I'll post asap!
    I'm really not sure about too much at this point! I'll be working on updating the Athlete Information and Team expections for this coming season.  Not even sure at this point if anything needs changing.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions at coachkamm47@gmail.com - never a problem.  Also, I know something won't change though.....you will not be allowed to even come to practice until your paperwork is completed, so that is your very first step.  And don't wait until the weekend before bc many doctors are very busy right now.
    Things to get done:  Read or reread your "Athlete Info".  Yes, its long!  But many questions will be answered if you read it.  Please, please, please, at least look over the Order of Events on the Schedule page (bottom) No, you cannot do back to back events!  Yes, we will have a verbal quiz on Day 1 with rewards.  Yes, that includes everybody!  Sign up for REMIND!  If it snows the first day, I'll cancel and I send out notices through REMIND! Parents - You are welcome & encouraged to sign up also!

    Do Great Things!

    Recertification Form 2021

    Physical Packet 2021

    Drug & Alcohol Form 2021

    2021 Athlete Info

    2021 Team Expectations

    Remind - Working on!