HMS Track Quaranteam!

    Yes, we are done for the season as school is done for the year.  I so wish it weren't true.  You should keep active, this will end but just not soon enough for you to participate.  Eighth graders - I'm so upset because I wanted another year with you! I know you would have made it as awesome as last year's team!  I will promise to watch your progress in high school.  Seventh graders - You gotta come out next year!  Even with just a couple days in, I know you would have been great!  There is so much talent on this team and I wish we could have proved it!  Yes, I already told the AD that "I won't go out like this!" Hopefully, once summer comes around, things will change for you. 

    Also, if you ordered SpiritWear, we discontinued the sale.  All monies will be returned to the credit card that was used when ordering.  Please have you parents check that they got their money back! 

    Things to get done:  Read or reread your "Athlete Info".  Yes, its long!  But many questions will be answered if you read it.  Please, please, please, at least look over the Order of Events on the Schedule page (bottom) No, you cannot do back to back events!  Yes, we will have a verbal quiz on Day 1 with rewards.  Yes, that includes everybody!  Sign up for REMIND!  If it snows the first day, I'll cancel and I send out notices through REMIND!
    The physical forms are in the Fishbowl.  If you did a fall or winter sport, you only need a recert form unless you were injured.  If you didn't do a sport, you need the physical form.  Both linked below.  Then turn into the Office.   You cannot start unless forms are completed.  After your form is in, you will get an acknowledgement from me!  Returnees, get your forms in so that I can get started on lineleaders & captains!  Also, forms should be in by Monday, March 2 because the Athletic Trainer will be assigned to high school that week.  We always start a week later!

    Do Great Things!

    2020 Athlete Information

    2020 Team Expectations



    We practice everyday after school when school is in session from 2:30-4:30! Did you read the Athlete's packet, sign the contract, and sign up for REMIND?

    Recertification form

    Physical Form

    Please sign up for Remind and get notifications from coaches!  Your reminders can be text or emails. No numbers are exchanged and group text allows coaches to cancel practice when necessary! Parents - you are welcome & encouraged to sign up also.