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    Hershey Middle School
    Social Skills
    Experiential Educational Learning
    This program is designed to promote positive self-concept through participation in social skills lessons and experiential education. Skills addressed through this program include problem solving, communication skills, goal setting, building positive peer relationships, team building, strategies to develop healthy social/emotional habits, awareness of behavior, celebrating differences, promoting good choices, responsibility and independence.
    Our Goal: To develop a healthy, caring community of learners and leaders.
    "Top 10 Social Skills"
    1) Listen to Others
    2) Following Steps
    3) Following Rules
    4) Paying Attention to Your Work
    5) Asking for Help
    6) Taking Turns When You Talk
    7) Getting Along With Others
    8) Staying Calm With Others
    9) Doing the Right Thing
    10) Doing Nice Things for Others
    Our 'Backbone Principles'
    Livin' Right!
    gold stars
    Be Here
    * Give the speaker eye contact, have a positive attitude, stay focused and on topic, participate/raise your hand, be physically and mentally present, pay attention!
    Be Safe
    *Be careful, follow rules and directions first time given, use equipment as it is intended, wear appropriate equipment, be supervised if needed, communicate, follow safety protocols
    Commit to Goals
    *Persevere, work hard, do your best, set goals that are realistic, challenging, specific and measurable, stay on topic, never back down from a challenge, problem solve (be part of the solution!), make good choices
    Be Honest and Respectful
    *Trust in each other, do the right thing, listen to directions, be polite (manners count!), give each other what we need both individually and as a group, respect others' opinions
    Let Go and Move On
    *Apologize, talk about your problem with a trusted person, ask for help, talk about/focus on something else, draw a picture, recognize how your behavior is affecting the group
    Care For Self and Others
    *Be honest/tell the truth even if it is hard, be nice to one another, ask for what you need, use positive self-talk, check your conscience, keep in mind that your behavior affects others and their experience, trust, give others space if needed
    Have Fun!
    *Keep a positive attitude, laugh, smile, participate, challenge yourself, give high fives or handshakes, give encouragement, stay focused