HHS Parent Involvement

  • Hershey High School encourages parents to be active in their child's education. Parents can join the school's Hershey High School Parents’ Club, attend monthly Building Advisory Team (BAT) meetings or volunteer.
    Derry Township School District welcomes parent and guardian visits to our programs and classrooms (consistent with School Board Policy 907) The District expects mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct from all visitors. To preserve the integrity of the learning environment, student and staff safety and protect students’ rights to confidentiality, the district has established Visitation Guidelines
    Building Advisory Team

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    BAT (Building Advisory Team) Meetings – 2022-2023

    Greetings to HHS Parents,

    I am always looking to further engage HHS parents in the many great things that are happening at our high school. All HHS parents are welcome and encouraged to join our monthly BAT (Building Advisory Team) meetings. Understanding that schedules are busy for many parents, attendance at BAT meetings is open; you’re welcome to join us for one meeting, or for all of our meetings. There are many great advantages to attending a BAT meeting:

    • Hear an overview of current events and happenings at HHS
    • Take the opportunity to engage with HHS staff members, teachers, counselors, administrators, and students
    • Hear presentations from HHS staff and students on a variety of topics
    • Maintain open  lines of communication between HHS and our families
    • Take advantage of the opportunity to serve in an advisory capacity to HHS building administrators

    Meetings are currently via ZOOM.

    Parents' Club
    The Parents’ Club was established in 1986 by a group of concerned parents with the sole purpose of providing the graduates of Hershey High School with a fun, safe Graduation Night. The Parents’ Club has successfully hosted nine After-Graduation parties with an average attendance rate of 93 percent of the graduating class, making the celebration a model for high schools throughout the area.
    The Club relies on the generosity of the parents, in addition to the businesses in the community and the administration and staff of Hershey High School. Parents of students from grades 9 through 12 are asked for their help on committees for food, entertainment, decorations, prizes, phone chains, etc. Underclass parents assume responsibility for preparations of the party on the day of Graduation, in order that parents of graduates can enjoy the ceremonies. The Club relies on the parents of students in grades 9 through 12 in order that the all-night celebration will continue for years to come.
    Please contact the HS Parents’ Club, through the Hershey High School Office, if you are interested in helping the HS Parents’ Club provide the students with an enjoyable graduation night celebration.
    Learn MoreThe council is comprised of parents and educators working in partnership to promote equal opportunities for educational excellence and social, emotion and physical well being for students with special needs.
    This link contains resource materials that provides concise and up-to-date information on topics that affect children, teenagers, Learn Moreand their families. 
    Learn MoreMaking the decision to volunteer your time and talents to the students of the Derry Township School District is a very honorable one and we are thankful to everyone who spends their timing volunteering with DTSD.


2022-2023 School Year HHS BAT Meetings