Hershey High School Counseling Services strives to facilitate student development in three broad areas:                       


    • Academic development: Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning, complete school with the academic preparation essential to choose from a variety of post-secondary options and understand the relationship of academics to the world of work and to life


    • Career development:Students will acquire the skills to investigate the world of work and make informed decisions, employ strategies to achieve future career success and satisfaction and understand the relationship between personal qualities, education and training and the world of work.


    • Personal/social development:Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and interpersonal skills to understand and respect self and others, make decisions, set goals, and take necessary action to achieve goals and understand safety and survival skills



    College representatives who would like to schedule an appointment to visit Hershey High School should visit RepVisits. You may select for an in-person or virtual visit. As of August 16, 2021, all individuals coming into the scholl will be required to wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lauren Doyle, School Counselor, at (717) 531-2244 or by email ldoyle@hershey.k12.pa.us. You can also contact Mrs. Aparna Malik at 717 531-2244, ext 2229 or by email: amalik@hershey.k12.pa.us to set-up an appointment with Mrs. Doyle.






  • School Counselors 2021-22 School Year

    Mrs. Lauren Doyle               Grade 9 - 11: A-D/ Grade 12: A-E            ldoyle@hershey.k12.pa.us                   531-2244, ext. 2227 or 2250

    Mr. Brendan Hensel             Grade 9 - 11: E - Le/ Grade 12: F-K         bhensel@hershey.k12.pa.us                 531-2244, ext. 2247

    Ms. Allison VanZant             Grade 9 - 11: Lf - R/ Grade 12: L-Ri         avanzant@hershey.k12.pa.us               531-2244, ext. 2241

    Mrs. Ellen Gingrich              Grade 9 - 11: S - Z/ Grade 12: Rj-Z         egingrich@hershey.k12.pa.us               531-2244, ext. 2244


    Counseling Administrative Assistants

    Mrs. Aparna Malik             amalik@hershey.k12.pa.us         531-2244, ext. 2229

    Mrs. Angie Shipper            ashipper@hershey.k12.pa.us      531-2244, ext. 2239