•  District Calendars
    Derry Township School District is a busy place, with a variety of activities for students, families and community members alike.  To help you plan, the district publishes a number of calendars and schedules. 
    To access a calendar, click on the link for the section that will provide the type of information you seek.
    This web-based calendar provides information on various school-related activities throughout the district.  Included on this calendar are events of interest district-wide such as school board meetings or building- and group-specific gatherings (parents' meetings, school concerts, etc.)
    This one-page document gives an overview of the school year, including the first and last days of school, holidays/vacations, early dismissals and marking periods.  This calendar is approved by the board of school directors on an annual basis and changes from year to year to comply with federal, state and local mandates.
       •  2020-2021
    Athletics Calendar Derry Township School District believes that sports not only offer students the opportunity to take part in an activity they enjoy, but also provide students many lifelong benefits such as character development, goal setting, and friendships. Athletics also teach participants lessons in teamwork, discipline, leadership, and overcoming adversity. As such, the District offers an array of athletic programs for high school and middle school students.

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