• Notice graphic In keeping with Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts calling for limits on the number of participants at indoor gatherings, public meetings of the DTSD Board of School Directors will be conducted both in-person and virtually.  Links to register for either in-person or on-line attendance will be published several days in advance of each meeting date.  

  • Board Meetings
    Board Meeting Schedule
    Board meetings are open to the public, and are primarily held on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Derry Township School District Office at 30 East Granada Avenue, Hershey. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

    10 & 24
    14 & 28
    13 (Tuesday) & 26
    9 & 23
    7* & 14
    11 & 25
    8 & 22
    8 & 22
    12 & 26
    10 & 24
    14 & 28
    Note:  Monday, Dec. 7 is the annual reorganization meeting

    AgendaManager logo School Board meeting agendas can be accessed through the Derry Township School District's AgendaManager site.  Meetings proceed based on an agenda that follows guidelines established in the Pennsylvania School Code. The district administration and school board members recommend agenda items. The board president, elected by fellow directors, presides at all meetings. The vice president presides in the president’s absence. To request an agenda item, residents should write to the Board Secretary at least one week prior to the meeting.

    Public Comment at Board Meetings 
    The School Board benefits from comments and questions raised by visitors at board meetings. Those who wish to address the board can do so at two designated places on the agenda. At the appropriate time, the visitor should rise, step to the microphone, and pronounce his/her name and address clearly for the Board Secretary to record. School Directors and the Superintendent may ask questions or make responding comments. Visitor remarks should be limited to five minutes or less. The president reserves the right to limit discussion whenever he or she deems it appropriate to maintain proper conduct.
    DTSD Board Minutes Minutes and Recordings
    Consistent with Pennsylvania state laws regarding public meetings and open records, the Derry Township School District maintains minutes of the official actions taken by the Board of School Directors. For the convenience of its constituents, the district posts copies of the official minutes here. Minutes are not official until approved by the board; therefore minutes are not posted until such time as they have been voted upon and made official - typically at the subsequent board meeting.

    Beginning with the 2012-13 School Year, the Derry Township Board of School Directors also posts digital audio files from its public meetings. While the recordings may be used in the preparation of minutes, they do not substitute for official, legally approved minutes.