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    Jamie Schraudner, School Counselor
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    The school counselor is an important member of the school team.  School counselors serve as a resource for students to help children develop positive social and learning habits, and provide guidance for children who are experiencing challenges socially and emotionally.
    The earlier the age at which social skills lessons are taught to young children, the more opportunities young children will have to develop positive social skills encouraging good choices.  The goal of school counseling is to help children build a positive self and is an integral part of the educational process.  School counseling programs are designed to give support and guidance enabling students to achieve successful goals through:
    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Counseling
    • Classroom Lessons
    • Assessments/screenings
    • Parent/teach consults
    Lessons are age developmentally designed to engage students in hands on interactive activities utilizing fine motors skills, physical activity and cognitive abilities that will enhance and strengthen a solid foundation that reinforces positive choices beyond school walls creating strong lifelong coping skills contributing to our community. 
    As a parent you know your child the best.  Effective communication is key to the success academically and socially for your child. Please feel free to contact me via the link listed below, email or phone.   I look forward to a glowing and learning s'more about you!
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    "Remember that conflict and tension are sources of growth, strength, and commitment."  ~ Erik Erikson