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    Derry Township is a community cultivating an extraordinary learning environment. This section of the Derry Township School District website is intended to provide information about opportunities and programs that may be of interest to community members, such as volunteer opportunities or how to request the use of district facilities.

    In addition, this area can also be used to connect current students and their families with community activities and events which may help enrich or expand educational opportunities outside the classroom setting.

    Transcript Requests
    Graduates of Hershey High School may request official transcripts by completing an easy online form.
    Class Reunion Information
    If your graduating class is planning a reunion, email us the information and we’ll share it out on the district’s social media feeds.  Email us the graduating class year (ie. Class of 1990) along with reunion date/time/location details.  Please also provide any other information your classmates might also find useful, such a link to a reunion web site or the name and email/phone number of a reunion contact person.

    Community Use of School Facilities
    Derry Township School District may permit community organizations to use district buildings or grounds for approved special events. Inquiries or requests to use district facilities must be made through the Buildings and Grounds Office. The district will process requests on a first-come, first-served basis, except that school groups will be given priority over external groups.
    Use of DTSD Tracks
    Derry Township School District’s campus includes two running tracks: a cinder track adjacent to Hershey Elementary School and a gated all-weather track at Hershey High School. Community members wishing to exercise on Derry Township School District-owned running tracks may do so between dawn and dusk when the facilities are not being utilized for school-related activities.
    Several special provisions apply to the use of the high school track:
    • The use of the synthetic turf playing surface is prohibited.
    • The following items are not permitted inside the fencing surrounding the track.
      • Food
      • Gum
      • Pets
      • Seeds 

    Certificates of Residency for HACC

    Derry Township School District is a sponsoring district of the Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC).

    To qualify for a certificate, students must have resided in Derry Township for six (6) consecutive months as of July 1.  ALL students other than the current Derry Township high school graduating class must present documentation confirming they are up to date with theirSchool Occupation Tax for Derry Township.  Applicants must have a HACC ID# before applying for a Certificate of Residency and must present photo ID.  If the student is unable to apply for a Certificate of Residency in person, a parent or spouse may do so by providing the above documentation as required.  

    A completed application form (from the district office) and the verified tax payment can be dropped off at the District Administration Office, located at 30 East Granada Avenue, Hershey from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday (summer hours will vary).

    Students’ applications are entered into HACC’s online RCS (Residency Certification System), by the district office once the district office has all the completed paperwork.  

    Please call 717-534-2501, ext. 3000 for further information.