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Submitting an Excuse

The Derry Township School District Board of Education requires the attendance of all students during the days and the hours that the school is in session, except that temporary student absences may be excused by authorized District staff in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, Board policy and administrative regulations.

Parents/Guardians of all children between the ages of six (6) and eighteen (18) are required by the compulsory attendance law to ensure that their children attend an approved educational institution, unless legally excused. 

To facilitate effective communication and proper record-keeping, we kindly request your cooperation in following our attendance notification procedures. It is essential that all absences are accompanied by a notification that indicates the date(s) of absence and the reason for the absence. This information helps us accurately track and monitor student attendance, enabling us to address any concerns promptly.

Option 1 - Paper Notification

If you choose to submit an absence notification by paper, please ensure that it includes a parent/guardian signature. This signature serves as a verification of the note's authenticity and is necessary for proper documentation. 

Option 2 - Email Notification

For email submissions, we require the notification to be sent from the parent/guardian email address on file with the school district. This verification step helps us maintain the security and integrity of our attendance records.

Option 3 - ParentVUE Notification

For your convenience, we also offer the option to submit absence notifications through our ParentVUE. However, please be mindful that notifications submitted through the Parent Portal must be received no later than the day of the occurrence. This ensures that our attendance records remain up to date and accurate. Failure to submit the notification on time may result in the absence being marked as unlawful/unexcused.

Please be aware that all absence notifications must be submitted within three (3) days of the occurrence. Failure to meet this timeframe will result in the absence being marked as unlawful/unexcused. In addition to attendance reporting, we would like to inform you that all requests for Educational Trips must be submitted to the building principals at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the date of the trip. Late submission of trip forms will regrettably be denied. We kindly ask for your cooperation and adherence to this policy to ensure the smooth handling of educational trips and minimal disruption to your child's educational experience.

Attendance Contact Information

If you need to submit an absence note for your child, you can email or fax it to the appropriate school.

Hershey High School - - Fax: 717-543-2684
Hershey Middle School - - Fax: 717-531-2245
Hershey Intermediate Elementary School - - Fax: 717-508-2266
Hershey Primary Elementary School - - Fax: 717-508-2266
Hershey Early Childhood Center - - Fax: 717-531-2351