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Derry Township School District

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Comprehensive Plan

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires every school district in the Commonwealth to develop and submit a comprehensive plan every six years. The comprehensive plan acts as a road map – giving clarity, unity, and direction to the district’s efforts. Opportunities to create, assess, and adjust throughout the cycle empowers local education agencies and schools to engage all stakeholders in pursuit of a shared vision for student success.

The comprehensive plan is the vehicle for defining and addressing the district's most critical educational issues. For example, the Derry Township School District must meet the tremendous challenges and opportunities in implementing state curriculum regulations that focus on student learning standards. In addition, the district must focus on preparing its students for the societal, educational, and economic opportunities of the 21st Century. 

Planning Cycle - Set the direction, Assess needs, Create a plan, Implement the plan, Monitor the plan, Adjust course


"Every Child, Every Day."

Our Mission

Engaging all students every day to help them achieve their greatest potential as global citizens.

Our Vision

To cultivate an extraordinary learning environment in which all students and staff feel loved, welcomed and respected as they exceed academic expectations.

5-Year Vision Statement

Our Beliefs

  • Effective collaboration among home, community, and school is essential.
  • Learning within the entire school community is optimal when:

    • All who enter feel physically and emotionally safe and secure.

    • Healthy minds, bodies and spirits for all are valued and encouraged.

    • All children are given meaningful encouragement, guidance, support, instruction and an opportunity to connect with at least one significant adult.

    • High expectations are held for all.

    • Opportunities for all to participate are equal.

    • Clear, consistent rules are communicated and reinforced.

    • All stakeholders are responsible and accountable.

  • Systemic change is necessary for continuous improvement.

  • Rigor, relevance, and engagement in learning are paramount.

  • Individual strengths are recognized and valued in order to foster students’ pursuit of dreams.

  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment decisions are based on research, evidence and best practices.

  • Global citizens require problem-solving, communication skills, technology, and team competencies work.

  • Professional development and collaboration is the foundation for continuous growth.