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Derry Township School District

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Elementary School Project

Derry Township School District has undertaken district-wide feasibility studies of the School District’s existing facilities with a particular focus on the School District’s Elementary School and Early Childhood Center. The feasibility studies involved an evaluation of site and building conditions, educational programs, teaching methods, educational goals and enrollment capacities, present and projected, for the School District.

As a result of the feasibility studies conducted, we have identified a number of issues with the existing Elementary School and Early Childhood Center and their impact on the educational program and goals of the School District. 

Existing building deficiencies include:

  • Lack of required educational spaces
  • undersized assembly/share core spaces - gymnasium, cafeteria, music, art, library
  • no separation of assembly and academic spaces
  • no learning communities
  • no integration of student collaboration and breakout spaces - SGIs, LGIs and open collaboration 
  • lack of faculty planning and support
  • no "wayfinding" due to long corridors 
  • limited outdoor play areas
  • remote parking from main entrance
  • code and accessibility compliance
  • general building systems condition and required maintenance 

Based upon a detailed review of several factors, including general building/educational rating, site condition, architectural building condition and systems condition, the studies have concluded that “heavy renovations or alterations are needed” for the Early Childhood Center, and for the Elementary School, “heavy renovations or discontinued use or demolition” should be seriously considered.

Core Priorities

Derry Township School District has identified the following four core priorities for our Early Childhood Center and Elementary School building project.