• Home Access Center
    Derry Township School District's Home Access Center (HAC) allows parents to access their child’s report card grades (grades 6-12), class assignments, attendance, and other general student information over the Internet.
    To access the information on your child(ren) during the school year, log on to HAC with your individual username and password. An individual login is provided to all parents/guardians recorded in our Student Information System. 
    This security feature will prevent unauthorized access to the system as well as secure access to personal information.
    Please understand that many factors affect the teacher’s ability to post grades and assignments in a timely fashion: the length and complexity of the test or assignment, as well as other responsibilities that require a teacher’s time.
    *Note that the new version of HAC defaults to a 'Quick' view which only shows assignment scores and total points.  If you would like to see grade percentages then you will need to click on the FULL View button as shown below.
    For more information about how to use Home Access Center, click here.
    download The HAC Family App  
    The District is now offering a new family app for the Home Access Center.  Parents and students will be able to access all HAC information through the new app. At your fingertips you will have access to your calendar, schedules, grades, classwork, report cards and other important information. This User Guide will help you to understand the Family App (*Fees, Activites, and Transportation are not currently used in DTSD HAC). 
    Help Desk
    If you have any questions or need assistance with HAC, please contact the HAC Help Desk .
    When emailing to HAC helpdesk please keep the following items in mind:
    • To ensure confidentiality of student records, HAC helpdesk staff will only be able to communicate with a child's parent or legal guardian already on record with the school district.
    • If you are the child's parent or legal guardian, please identify the student(s) you are requesting access to by including his or her name.
    • Indicate whether you would like the district to email you your log on information or send it to you via US Mail. HAC helpdesk personnel cannot email you your log on information without your written permission.
    • It may take up to 48 hours for return correspondence from HAC helpdesk personnel.